Nathan Dan is a cinematographer from Rochester, New York, currently living in Los Angeles. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production from The Art Institute of California - Sacramento, where in addition to writing and directing 2 award-winning short films, he shot over a dozen short films for other students and local filmmakers.

His insistence on technical and aesthetic perfection in his work has resulted in a portfolio of projects whose production value belies the many limitations inherent in micro-budget productions. Nathan utilizes the tools at his disposal to make beautiful images that not only look great, but bolster the film's narrative and emotional impact. His cinematography is always in service to the director and their vision.

Nathan currently works as a freelance cinematographer, AC, editor, and colorist in the Los Angeles area. When not working or honing his craft, Nathan is either reading about psychology and astrophysics, playing video games, or eating lasagna.

Photo Credit:  Jessica Chung

Photo Credit: Jessica Chung